ONLINE classes ~ Adult and Teen

Monday 6:30- 8:30

5 week

age 12+ ( with a family will accept 9+)

This painting series is designed to build a foundational skill set in  acrylics.You will learn about colour theory, washes, under painting, and all types of brushstrokes and mark-making techniques. These classes are appropriate for beginners and for people who already have some working knowledge and would like to develop their skill set further.

Acrylic 5 week course- 135

FAMILY Rates! Please contact me for a special deal for your family depending on how many sign up.

~All supplies are provided for local attendees, I'll deliver your supplies within the comox valley (otherwise you can arrange pickup option) prior to the course and you'll drop it back off after.

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Current class offerings

Acrylic for beginners/intermediate

In this 5 week painting series taught by Alicia, you will learn about brush mark making and how to use different brushes for desired effects. You will lean about colour theory and blending, layering, washes, and more. This is for beginners and intermediate painters who are looking to add to their repertoire of skills. This class is based in landscape painting but the skills are transferable to painting floral and other forms of art. The first 3 classes will be technique-based learning and the final 2 classes we will produce a final piece of art to take home and hand on your wall.

Week 1- Brushes and mark making

  • How to paint strait lines, outlines, stems, trees, etc

  • How to create tree leaves with different bruses

  • How to do washes, rainbows, and create atmospheric lighting effects

  • How to use the different types of brushes


Week 2

  • Washes

  • Layering “in the woods”

  • Mist, knocking things into background

  • Creating atmospheric effects

  • Lighting

  • Difference between foreground, mid ground and background

Week 3

  • How to paint clouds, different kinds of clouds, different colours of clouds

  • Water, waves, reflections

Week 4

  • Begin our final painting based on a photograph of a local scene with water scape

  • Preliminary sketch and blocking in the underpainting

  • Begin to add in overall colours of sky and water

  • Create mood and feeling

Week 5

  • Paint in the details

  • Create a final masterpiece