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About Alicia Lumb- Art Teacher

Alicia is the founder of Art Adventures and is the artist who will be teaching the classes. She is passionate about guiding people to create high quality art that they feel proud of. In her class, even someone who has never painted before can learn how to paint the skyline of Van Gogh.

Alicia is a classically trained artist through EMILY CARR, North Island College, and Art Institute of Vancouver. She worked for 10 years as an Environment painter for animated films, TV shows and video games.

-She worked as an art teacher at Kelly Cat Community Arts in Comox for 6 months where she taught adults, teens, and children.

-Alicia has her FIRST AID certification for community service

-Alicia has lots of experience with kids, teaching hula hooping at schools and in fairs, teaching art, and nannying (see work history page)

-Works for the Cumberland Lodge, VIHA doing art therapy kind of work with people with dementia

-Alicia volunteers at Larch doing art therapy with persons with disabilities

-She volunteered with Nicole Crouch (Art Therapist) at the Views, doing art therapy with Elderly

-taking CHILDHOOD DEVELOPMENTAL PSYCHOLOGY through Thomson Rivers university

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