After-School Classes

Age 8-14


This after-school programming is for kids who are wanting to deepen their knowledge of the arts and gain more experience with Acrylics, Watercolours, Needle Felting, Sculpting, Mixed-Media and more!

This is a time for connection, getting to know the same group over the course of the 4 weeks while we work on the developing the same art projects and even play some group building games, storytelling games, and fun drawing exercises.

4 week series, includes 2 days a week from 3:30-5:30


$210 (gst included) for the 4 week series

~all supplies are included and kids go home with final projects~

**View the calendar to book your spot in the following classes**


List of classes

Unicorns and dragons

This is an adventure of a life time getting to create you very own little unicorn or dragon out of needle felting. Step-by -step instructions will be given as we assemble our creatures together, making our own choices for how we want them to look with different spikes, wings, and add-ons. There are lots of ideas to consider when putting together the mix- come and get your critter on!

The other aspect of this series is drawing and painting, we will learn to draw these creatures and bring them to life with the use of watercolour and acrylics.

Join us in the adventure of a life time!



Through the lands of the creepy little critters we will go on an adventure to the ponds, forests, and the sea ( metaphorically) to discover the bugs ‘ n ‘ butterflies we can find everywhere. Step-by-step instructions will be provided to make a number of creepy cute crawlers out of needle felting. We will also paint mandalas on rocks to have as platforms for the creatures to hang out on and keep warm.

The other portion of this series will be based in drawing and painting, we will learn how to break down the forms of these critters using pencil and paper, and then we will colour them with watercolour and acrylics.

Bugs could also include reptiles, snakes, dragonflies, and the likes – its adventure time!

Laser cut wood series

In this art adventure series students will be painting a lion face and a wolf howling to the moon on laser cut wood designs. They will be using watercolour and acrylics and following specific guidance to achieve a beautiful look. It looks neat how the wood grain shows through the paints and the wood pieces look really beautiful on the wall as final art pieces.

The other aspect of this series is working with sculpy clay to create animals that we will explore with drawings in our sketchbook first.


Vincent VanGogh Acrylic Painting series

In this painting adventure series, we will learn all about vangogh’s painting style and how he does his brushstrokes to create movement. We will break down his methods and practice the brushstrokes and color blending until we are ready to apply it to our own work.

We will start with recreating starry starry night and then paint our own images using his painting style and go home with a couple beautiful masterpieces that we have built upon over the course of several weeks.


Watercolour Enchanted scapes

This is a trip down watercolour lane, where students will learn all the basic watercolour techniques and how to apply colour, mask out areas, and apply washes. Learning about colour theory and colour blending is a big part of this series, and what is learned can be applied to their work at home in the future.

We will be painting outdoor landscapes of enchanted lands to create beautiful masterpieces to take home at the end.

Woodland Creatures

In this fun woodland series we will be experimenting with painting and needle felting to create different kinds of woodland creatures. Jump into the woods and explore the nooks and crannies of what nature has to offer, discover creatures big and small and learn how to re-create them into your own artistic expressions.

Step-by-step instructions will be offered to create woodland creatures by needle-felting and children will get to take home their own little creation. Specific guidance will be offered for painting these creatures as well and children will learn about proportions, colour choices, and mark-making with different brushes.

Multi-media painting Dragon and Unicorn magical lair

This beautiful masterpiece will include a magical unicorn and a dragon  playing upon the light and dark contract of their forms with a rainbow of colours and sparkles that connect them together where they rest in their rock den below the magic of the moonlight. A detailed piece of art on a large canvas that is pre-stretched and ready to hang on your wall.We will make use of other materials like fabric, moss, etc. where desired to make the image look pretty.

In this series we will also explore sculpting these magical creatures using an air dry moulding clay.

How fun will it be to take home all of this beautiful artwork to decorate your home and learn some new skills that you can carry forward in your artistic growth?




Upcoming after-school programs


  • A jewelry box

  • Journal cover

  • Woodland creatures

  • Landscape scene

  • Under the water scene

Painting in water colour, acrylics, mix-media

  • Mermaids and serpents

  • Woodland creatures

  • Birds

  • African safari

  • Under the sea


  • Learning to draw characters

  • Learning to draw environments

  • Learning perspective and proportions

  • Still life drawing