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After-School Classes

**View the BOOK ONLINE page to see current offerings***


This after-school programming is for kids who are wanting to deepen their knowledge of the arts and gain more experience with Acrylics, Watercolours, Needle Felting, Sculpting, Mixed-Media and more!

This is a time for connection, getting to know the same group over the course of the 4 weeks while we work on the developing the same art projects and even play some group building games, storytelling games, and fun drawing exercises.

AfterSchool Series - ag

~all supplies are included and kids go home with final projects~

Current offerings:

Tues- 330-530 age 6+

Wed- 330-530 age 5+

Thurs-330-530 age 8+

These are all 8 week series where the kids come once a week on the day of your choice/fit

$210 for 8 weeks including gst

Mondays- 345-515 at the comox rec centre-  check their site for info

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