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Terms and Conditions


Refund Policy

·       If camps are cancelled by the instructor due to illness or for any other reason a full refund or credit applies

·       When purchasing a camp it is up to the student to attend all the classes, any classes missed for illness or otherwise will not be refunded

·       If a person is ill or unable to attend multiple classes in a camp, a partial credit for the camp may be issued upon request ( 48 hours of notice prior to the class is required)

·       3 days or more prior to a camp starting- a credit can be applied for a future service upon cancellation of the current one

Payment policy

·       Full amount of the camp registered for is due on or before the first day of the class. Full amount can be paid online at the time of registration, or manual payment option can be used to pay by email money transfer to or you can pay in cash or card in person on the first day of class

Non Violence Policy

·       Violence is not tolerated while attending classes at Art Adventures inside or outside of the studio space. If a child or person is physically violent or using violent or aggressive speech toward others (including the teacher) the teacher reserves the right to make a decision to ask the child to leave the premise and that child will no longer be able to attend classes at Art Adventures

·       If a child or person is violating the expressed boundaries of another and the issue isn't able to be resolved, Art Adventures reserves the right to ask them to leave and no longer attend classes- refund does not apply

Photography for marketing

·       Photos are taken of the participants after and during classes for marketing use purposes, permission is given here for usage of these photos on my website, social media, etc. The kids are generally really happy to get their pics taken and show off their work, but I will ask them to step aside if I don't have the consent here

Going outside with the children

·       A nature trail is located behind the building and when the kids are with me for longer days we take a break and go outside to walk and play at the airpark or on the air park walkway, and surrounding beach area. Permission is given here to take the child off premise for this purpose

Participation agreement

~This section applies mostly to children with higher function challenges, and is only set out because of the number of children I have and the need to do art while at Art Adventures~

·       children are expected to participate in the art activities that are being offered, if they are unwilling to participate or distracting other children from doing art then they will not be able to continue classes (all within reason of course, I let kids have lots of fun!)  Art Adventures presents a learning environment that has some structure with step - by - step teaching of technique based art styles while also offering some areas of open exploration and self motivated project time.

Children must have the capacity to follow technique based guidance and also practice self regulation during free times, they are always required to be working on the tasks at hand with a genuine interest in being there to produce art.

Some children may not fit this type of learning environment for a number of reasons and Alicia reserves the right to make this judgment call about whether a child is not the right fit for this program

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