Kids Day Classes

This can be thought of like childhood educational programming, day care, or a place for home schoolers to get their art education and be in a learning environment. There are sign-up options for multiple weeks or months and children will enjoy a new theme each week, I encourage signing up for longer periods of time.


There are a variety of camps happening every week with all kinds of amazingly fun themes like Unicorns and Dragons, Bugs n Butterflies, etc. We use a variety of mediums in every weekly camp including watercolour, acrylic, drawing, sculpy, needle felting (older kids), laser cut wood, Polymer clay jewelry making, magic wands making, and more!


Hula Hooping, movement, walks in nature, songs, games and storytelling activities are incorporated into the programming to break things up, connect with the group, and have some fun!


Daily Rate: 1 day a week $56.25/day

2 days a week $50.65/ day


Register for 3 months

1 day a week $50.65/day

2 days a week $ 45.59/ day


Register for 6 months

1 day a week $45.59/day

2 days a week $ 41.00/ day


When you register for these classes you will pay a $50 deposit here on the site per child and I will bill you monthly depending on what amount of time you sign up for