Kids Day Classes

Art adventures offers 4 day camps for children from ages 4-10 running from 11-3 Mon-Thurs. This can be thought of like childhood educational programming, day care, or a place for home schoolers to get their art education and be in a learning environment. There are sign-up options for multiple weeks or months and children will enjoy a new theme each week, I encourage signing up for longer periods of time.

There are a variety of camps happening every week with all kinds of amazingly fun themes like Unicorns and Dragons, Bugs n Butterflies, etc. We use a variety of mediums in every weekly camp including watercolour, acrylic, drawing, sculpy, needle felting (older kids), laser cut wood, Polymer clay jewelry making, magic wands making, and more!


Hula Hooping, movement, walks in nature, songs, games and storytelling activities are incorporated into the programming to break things up, connect with the group, and have some fun!

~See the CALENDAR tab of the website to view the calendar and to register~

11-3 mon-thurs (4 day camps)

1 week= $225

1 month =$ 800

2 months= $1450

3 months= $2100

6 months= $3900

PAYMENT options: For multiple months pay on a monthly basis


2 children 10% off the total

3 children 20% off the total

Current class offerings

Camp1- Dragons and fairies unite!

 In this magical adventure kids camp we are off to discover the hidden dragon egg that has been ready to hatch for eons. We must make it there before the T-rex crushes it and destroys the baby. We come equipped with the heightened hearing of the fairies and their magical senses to locate these creatures without having to crack an eggshell and disturb the sleeping baby. Together the dragons and fairies keep this new baby dragon species safe and sound!
Children will do drawing of the secret dragon species, designing never before seen race of winged reptilian creatures. Children will complete a large watercolour and acrylic painting with mixed media that will be a piece of final art to take home and hang on their wall. We will also work with making magic wands out of wood and feathers and sculpt some dragon eggs out of sculpy.


Camp 2- Return of the butterfly dolphin clan!

We are off on a great adventure to discover where the end of the rainbow meets the water! We know there must be treasure there and on our way we will meet the butterfly dolphin clan who’s wings were wrapped in the colour of the rainbow and coloured forever! They have so much to teach us about the open waters and what magical creatures are our friends, so we spend all our days with them getting to know the open seas and all of the magical delights within.

Children will produce a beautiful watercolour and acrylic painting that they will sketch out first while learning some basic drawing skills that will help them in their overall design. They will be making special magical wands that are used for blessing the bodies of water while harnessing the energy of the rainbow through their butterfly wings. Children will be learning about water creatures and other aspects of nature through songs, dance and games.


Camp3- Mermaids and serpents

Let’s go on an adventure into the deep seas to discover these rare- never before seen majestic beauties! In this camp kids will work with sculpy to craft 3d shapes of mermaids and serpents of their choice. Drawing, watercolour painting, and mixed media are all apart of this camp as students will be developing several works of art throughout the week, while also having some fun and games and community building exercises.


Camp 4- Bugs’n’butterflies


Join us on an itty-bitty adventure full of hidden treasures! Explore every tavern and every crystal cave to discover your own magical delight. Firefly messengers shine brightly by the bugs’n’butterflies all buzzing up the night.

This is a needle felting adventure class (polymer class for those who are too young) and it’s a time to explore making your own creatures that match your crystals.

Camp 5- Robotron on VanGogh's starry night

We are on an adventure at night following the path that is lite up by the starry starry night when suddenly the lights begin to flash one by one and disappear!! It’s a HUGE robot standing against the skyline and he’s chomping all the lights- feeding his inner power to get brighter than the sky! Not this time robotron! We will freeze him in space and time and together he can shine with the starry starry night sky.

In this camp the kids will produce an acrylic painting of robotron on the starry starry night. We will work on preliminary sketches first, learning how to draw a robot and the composition of the night sky, then we will get to work painting the masterpiece on canvas that can be hung on your wall at home.

The other portion of this camp is working with molding clay to create a robot character.


Drawing, games and connecting with the group will all be aspects of this camp.


Camp 6- Butterflies and the dragon’s den

An epic story unfolds at the base of a dragon’s egg where all of the little creatures of the land have gathered to protect the dragon baby’s precious life. Bugs’ n ‘butterflies of all kinds will be painted into these master pieces where the dragon baby forever rests. Children will each go home with a painted masterpiece in watercolor and acrylic to hand on their wall.

This course will also dabble in some sculpy, drawing and fun and games!

It’s adventure time!


Camp 7- Dragons and unicorns

This is an epic adventure of magic and mystery where kids get to go on an adventure to follow the yellow brick road towards this castle with gates beyond the rainbow. What lies beyond the vista of sorts?

First children will work on preliminary sketches of the elements, drawing the castle, the creatures, the dragon, and unicorn. Then they will create a beautiful masterpiece out of watercolour and acrylics on canvas that they can take home and hand on their wall. They will also create magic wands out of wood and materials and use the wand to discover what lies beyond the rainbow! This is a magical camp full of crafts, games and connection with peers.

Come adventure time with us!



Camp 8- Lions, tigers and bears- oh my!

Soooome where over the rainbow, tigers fly….do they? Oh. Well, flying wild cats could be pretty cool indeed and anything can happen in adventure camps. We are having an epic adventure with 3 big beasts!! Lions, tigers, and bears- oh my! This is your child’s chance to lean about the shapes of these types of creatures and how to properly draw their proportions. This is a drawing heavy class, but it will pay off when each child chooses a creature to paint in their final masterpiece. They will lean lots of fun facts along the way.


Camp 9- Jungle safari with the pirate parrot- comic strip art

In this adventure camp we are on the lookout for the peg leg parrot and his golden treasure, but can we out smart the monkey’s?

Children will produce a serios of illustrations that follow the story, illustrations will be refined through practicing drawing techniques like perspective and proportion to then refine the story trip into final art.

Students will choose one of their favorite frames to blow up into a full sized drawing that they will complete with watercolours. Some time will be spent with sculpy and other games and activities for fun and connection.


Camp 10- Dragonfly dreams and the Ring of Fire

An ancient tale tells of how dragonfly used to be a dragon but was cursed into the form of the dragonfly. In this adventure we enter the ring of fire where we can connect to the dragonfly and see what they are dreaming of. Become a part of this mystery unfolding and remember the ways of the dragon while occupying a tiny form. In this camp we will be felting dragonflies and a little dragon (polymer clay for kids under 5) and we will be painting mandalas on rocks that will become their perch. We will do a ring of fire sketch with watercolour in which we will draw the dragon’s secret love.


Camp 11- Magic mushroom madness, enchanted lands come to life

In this adventure camp we will be drawing all kinds of mushrooms and playing with colour, shapes, species, and sizes. We will create one large painting of a little mushroom forest cottage surrounded in magic mushroom and little forest creatures Sparkles will be used of course- were there is magic there has to be sparkles! We will also be building magic wands in this camp, drawing and playing team building games.


Camp 12- Enchanted caste and royal lion

In this adventure the children will discover the lion that is protecting the treasures beyond the castle doors. We will create a beautiful masterpiece painting of this scene using watercolour and acrylics on stretched canvas that can be hung on your wall. We will also be making a magic wand for opening the castle gates, if you can somehow get beyond the lion! Drawing, fun and games will be a part of this camp. Come and face your lion fears!


Camp 13- Iguanas, lizards, and chameleons lounging around

IN this adventure camp we will lean about these different types of creatures and how they survive. We will be needle felting (polymer clay for under 5) several different kinds of creatures.

Then we will paint mandalas on rocks that we will use as the perch for the creatures. We will use polymer clay to create insects that these creatures will eat or hang around with as buds. Time will be spent drawing, playing games and other team building activities.


Camp 14- Moon light and Magic+ the light of the Golden Sun

In this adventure camp we explore the light of the sun and the moon and remember ancient traditions that connected to them. The kids will create a diplet series of paintings which is 2 paintings that match and both have forest elements in the foreground. They will lean about the lighting effects of each type of light source and how the images are painted in an opposite way even though it’s the same subject manner. They will also create woodland creatures out of polymer clay that match the images and can be set up on display with them on a dresser near by. Drawing, fun and games of connection are all a part of this camp, so come and have some fun in the sun!