Birthday Party Request form


We will be in touch soon!

Space is available for rent at TinTown on Monday, Wed, or Thursday after 3:30

Cost: $250 for a Group of 8 and $20 for each additional person

This includes the supplies.


ADDITION // ADD-ON - Face painting and/or feather hair extensions by Alicia COST $5 for feathers, $5 for facepaint per person

Children can be dropped off and left with me or parents may stay and watch if they want to be a part of the day.

I am available for booking birthday parties in your own home

monday, wed, thurs evening OR anytime Fri, sat, or sunday. I will come with all of the supplies needed and ten by ten tables to set up.




List of Themes and mediums


Needle felting:

  • Unicorn

  • Dragon

  • Animal of choice

  • Feather

  • Bugs’n’butterfly

  • Unicorn horn headband

  • Cat ear headband

  • Dragon horn headband

Watercolour, acrylic, or mixed-media:

  • African safari

  • Forest bc

  • Outerspace

  • Under the sea

  • Jungle

  • Beaches of bc

  • Other

  • Caves

  • Animal of choice

  • Unicorn

  • Dragon

  • Sea creature

  • Mermaid

  • Land shark

  • Owl

  • Butterfly

  • Phoenix

Sculpture- modelling clay air dry

  • Space ship

  • Animal of choice

  • Unicorn or dragon

  • Plants

  • Forest scene

  • Other

Magic wand making

Feather ear cuff making

Jewelry making out of fimo- pendants