Birthday Party

3 hour party

Go on an art adventure for your birthday party this year where you will create a craft of your choice! We have so many fun options to choose from. Drawing games related to the theme will be played.  We will share in a story-time circle using colourful cards created by Alicia.

We will produce one final piece of art work that each person will get to take home in the chosen medium, so that’s very exciting!

We look forward to celebrating your birthday with you!

Check out our birthday options and fill out the request form to get started right away!

Birthdays can be booked in our studio or in your home if there is enough room. We can also do on location set ups for places that you book yourself. Book In Advance- Limited times available esp in the summer.



Birthday breakdown

10min team building exercise- game, song, story

40 min- Art project

20 min – Storytime circle  (using Mariposa deck of cards I created)


40 min- cake, celebration, parents partake here?

30 min – ART PROJECT completion

Bonus ADDITION // ADD-ON - Face painting and/or feather hair extensions by Alicia (face-painting is more of a decorative painting with swirls and jewels as seen in the photo here.






List of Themes and mediums


Needle felting:

  • Unicorn

  • Dragon

  • Animal of choice

  • Feather

  • Bugs’n’butterfly

  • Unicorn horn headband

  • Cat ear headband

  • Dragon horn headband

Watercolour, acrylic, or mixed-media:

  • African safari

  • Forest bc

  • Outerspace

  • Under the sea

  • Jungle

  • Beaches of bc

  • Other

  • Caves

  • Animal of choice

  • Unicorn

  • Dragon

  • Sea creature

  • Mermaid

  • Land shark

  • Owl

  • Butterfly

  • Phoenix

Sculpture- modelling clay air dry

  • Space ship

  • Animal of choice

  • Unicorn or dragon

  • Plants

  • Forest scene

  • Other

Magic wand making

Feather ear cuff making

Jewelry making out of fimo- pendants


Space is available  for rent at TinTown (Contact me for additional cost)

Cost: $250 for a Group of 8 and $20 for each additional person

This includes the supplies


ADDITION // ADD-ON - Face painting and/or feather hair extensions by Alicia COST $5 for feathers, $5 for facepaint per person

Children can be dropped off and left with me or parents may stay and watch if they want to be a part of the day.

I am available for booking birthday parties in your own home

 I will come with all of the supplies needed and ten by ten tables to set up.