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COVID safety plan is in place!

We have people set up at large tables. All materials and surfaces have been sterilized and all supplies are set up for each student to have their own materials. The space is quite large and the class sizes are smaller, so if there is need for greater separation that can be worked out.

Here is what the BC Centre for Disease control has to say about mask wearing among children in child care and the reason that I don't enforce mask wearing in the studio (though you may choose to wear one if you would like) :

The COVID-19 guidelines for child care outline recommendations for how to provide a safe setting for both staff and children. Therefore, masks are neither recommended nor necessary. However, some staff and older children may choose to wear non-medical masks. Wearing a non-medical mask in a child care setting is a personal choice. It is important to treat people wearing masks with respect.


Transit providers may require the use of masks for those aged 5 or older while on transit.


Children under two years of age should NOT wear masks because there are risks of breathing problems, choking or strangulation. For young children over the age of two, masks are generally not recommended as they can be irritating and may lead to increased touching of the face and eyes. If an older child wants to wear a mask: show them how to do so safely and properly. 


Remind children that other children and adults have reasons for wearing or not wearing masks, so it is important to be kind and respectful to others. 


Child care staff should monitor and address any discrimination or bullying associated with mask wearing, whether it is experienced by those who do or do not wear masks.


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